These are our principles that we implement in our produts and services. VANCARD SOLUTIONS.

Our system has been set up in collaboration with leading experts in the world of finance and challenges the restrictions that the traditional financial systems have nowdays.

From now on, it will not be important in which part of the world you are. It is not important where your business is placed or what your life style is. VANCARD SOLUTIONS offers you a level of simpleness that have never been  seen in any payment system before.


VanCard Solutions – Your financial freedom, for ever.

Everything  in just one product.

Never before the online funds transfers  and card payments have been so ease and simple. We offer our services from Switzerland, VANCARD SOLUTIONS offers you an electronic payment system created by  the leading experts of the financial world. Our great advantage of being one of the main issuing company of Mastercard allows our processes to be fast and flexible.

Making payments everywhere, transferring and  withdrawing money when you wish, while you enjoy the financial freedom that VANCARD SOLUTIONS offers!

Card payment

Our goal was to create a truly universal card payment and ease to use with online banking that works everywhere.

We avoid excessive complexity, because everyone can create something complicated. The true art is the ability to make simple and ease things.

For the fisrt time a payment system is so easy as “one, two, three”. 

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Online Banking

Superior customer service with a simple and intuitive design, combined with Online-Banking that is very easy to adjust to your needs and that avoid complicated financial schemes or hidden charges – this product has mainly appeared in fianancial markets thanks to VANCARD SOLUTIONS.

Our fundamental principle is our clients confidentiality. We inherit the better characteristics of the swiss banking system, that allows to our clients a confidential and trusty service. We offer you the calm that your data are not going to be  transferred to third parties.

The best of online technologies for electronic payments, swiss security and confidentiality, as well as the reliability and ease of use of MasterCard – these are the characteristics that make VANCARD SOLUTIONS be the fisrt swiss card and world lider in payments systems.

Join the VANCARD SOLUTIONS clients group and enjoy its advantages.

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One card, one million of possibilities 

It works everywhere, without restrictions.

24H worldwide support.

Swiss experience at your service.


Madrid Office

Paseo de la Castellana,259-C. Planta 18
Torre de Cristal,Cuatro Torres Business Área. Madrid
Tlf: (0034) 91 290 75 25

Switzerland Office

Avenue Industrielle 4 – 6
Geneva 1227 Switzerland
Tlf: (0041) 225 18 10 98

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